Portuguese phrases 

Yes/ No – Sim / Não
Hi Hello – Oi/ Olá   
Good morning – Bom dia     Good evening – Boa noite     Welcome! – Bem-vindo (for man)/ bem-vinda! (female) 
Thank you (very much) – (Muito) obrigado (for man) / obrigada (female)  

You're welcome – De nada / Às ordens         
Good night – Boa noite         Good bye – Ciao /Adeus
I'm lost – Estou perdido (male)/ perdida (female)                   
Can I help you? – Posso ajudar-lhe?           
Can you help me? – Você pode me ajudar?     
How much is this? – Quanto custa?   
Do you speak English – Você fala inglês?     
What's your name? – Qual é o seu nome?     
My name is  – O meu nome é
Nice to meet you – Prazer em conhecê-lo/ conhecê la (female)
Good luck– Boa sorte!                 
Happy birthday – Feliz aniversário
Happy new year – Feliz ano novo         
Merry Christmas – Feliz natal        
Congratulations – Parabéns          
Enjoy – Bom apetite (for meals)
Sorry (for a mistake) – Desculpe-me   
No problem – Não tem problema
I don't understand – Não entendo
I don't know – Não seio        
What is this? – O que é isto?
Good/ Bad/ So-So – Bom/ mau/ mais ou menos     
Big/ Small – Grande/ Pequeno
Today/ Now – Hoje/ Agora        
Tomorrow/ Yesterday – Amanhã/ Ontem    
Do you like it? – Você gosta?
I really like it – Eu gosto muito disto            
I'm hungry/ thirsty – Estou com fome/ com sede    
Morning/ Evening/ Night – Manha/ à noite / à noite 
This/That. Here/There – Isto/ Isso. Aqui/ Lá
Me/You. Him/Her – Eu/ Voce. Ele/Ela     
What? Where? – O que?/  Onde?
What time is it? – Que horas são?
I need a doctor – Preçiso um médico.                  


Getting about

By air and car

Although Beja has a new airport direct flights are limited at present. However you can fly into Lisbon or Faro. It is recommended that you hire some form of transport to get around. It is possible to hire a campervan for the duration which can be picked up at the airport. If you prefer to travel by car then booking it with the flight is a good idea but please don't wait until you arrive as, during the summer months, hire cars are at a premium and frequently sold out.

* To rent a car in Portugal drivers must be over 25 and have held a licence for over 12 months. EU nationals need only their country's licences to drive in Portugal as do US and Brazilian licence holders. UK holders of the pre-EU green paper licence should have an International Driving Permit (IDP).

Car rental is available throughout Portugal and usually it is not a problem to leave a rental car in a different place from where it was originally rented.

Seat belts are compulsory in front and back seats; children under 12 must travel in the rear. All vehicles must also carry a red warning triangle, please make sure your rental vehicle is provided with one prior to departure.

By train

There are inter-regional trains from Lisbon that go to Faro and stop at Grandola, Ermidas-Sado, Funcheira and Santa Clara-Saboia, although timetables and stopping stations change frequently.

By bus

Eva Bus  – also in English 
Renex – in Portuguese only


Emergency telephone number: 112
Non-emergency health care:  local health care centre "Centro de Saúde"
A chemist is called 'farmácia'


In Portugal you pay in euros. There are plenty of cash machines, marked 'MB' – Multibanco. You can withdraw €200 per day. Many shops accept credit and debit cards.

Photo of Elvas train station platform © Phillip Capper