Market in Southwest Portugal
Cowbells in Alentejo market

Festivals, fairs, markets and other events

Please contact us to add an event on this website.  Top photo: Sines World Music festival. São Teotonio monthly market above.

Fairs and festivals


Market Ourique  2 February


Cured sausages fair  Monchique, 1st weekend in March
Festival of the black pig  Ourique, March
Easter cake fair  São Marcos da Serra, every Easter


Easter cake fair  São Marcos da Serra, every Easter

Agriculture and livestock fair  Santiago de Cacém, last weekend of May


Feira de S. Pedro Cercal do Alentejo - 29 + 30 June


Sines World Music Festival (FMM Festival Musicas do Mundo) 19-28 July 2018 (above) is the biggest world music event in Portugal and takes place in Sines and Porto Covo in several venues, including the castle.
Festival TassJazz  Odemira - July 2-7
Beer Festival,
Agriculture and cattle exhibition  São Teotonio, July
Medronho and presunto fair Monchique 
Battle of Ourique Ourique 25 July
Faceco Fair São Teotónio - second-last weekend July

Sudoeste Festival, Zambujeira do Mar, Alentejo

Above: Sudoeste Festival    


MEO Sudoeste Festival 2019, Zambujeira do Mar,The Sudoeste (Southwest) Festival from 7 August to 11 August is the biggest summer music festival in Portugal. It takes place near Zambujeira do Mar, a fishing town on the Alentejo coast famous for its beautiful beaches and mild temperatures. Free camping.

Festival of Santa Maria Ourique, Herdade da Casa Branca 


Achigã (Black bass) Festival  Santa Clara reservoir

Local Products Fair, Artchique  Monchique 

Big Game Fair (Feira de Caça Maior) São Teotonio 3rd-4th 
Flamenco Festival  Lagos 
Feira do Monte  
Santiago de Cacém1st weekend of September.Feira Nova Cercal do Alentejo - 3rd Sunday + Monday of September


Sweet Potato Festival Aljezur, end Nov/Dec
All Saints Fair  
Cereal do Alentejo
Feira dos Santos Cercal do Alentejo

Every Saturday - general marketBus Station
Lagos city1st Saturday of the month - gypsy marketNear the municipal stadium
Odiáxere, Lagos4th Monday of the monthLargo do Moinho

See for the agenda of events per district.

Markets in alphabetic order

Abela  Yearly market: 25 July and 2nd Sunday of October.Monthly market: 2nd Tuesday of the month

Aldeia de Santo André 
Yearly market: 30 November and 1 December

Alvalade   Yearly market: 4th Sunday of April.Monthly market: 2nd Sunday of the month

Aljezur Monthly market, 3rd monday of the month. 8.00am-2.00pm.
Amoreiras-Gare Yearly market: 25 July

Bicos Yearly markets: 3rd Saturday of May and 1st Saturday of October

Boavista dos Pinheiros Yearly market: second Sunday of May

Brunheiras  Monthly market: second and fourth Saturday

Camachos (Freguesia de São Teotónio). 
Yearly market: 22 October

Cavaleiro (Freguesia de São Teotónio).
Yearly market: 4th Saturday of October and the following Sunday.

Cercal do Alentejo 
Feira de São Pedro: 29 and 30 June.Feira Nova: 3rd Sunday and Monday of SeptemberFeira dos Santos: 1 November.
Yearly market: 3rd Sunday of September.Monthly market: 1st Saturday of the month (except in July)

Castro da Cola  Yearly market: 7 and 8 September

Colos Yearly market: 24 June. Every Monday and Saturday morning fresh fish, fruit and meat

Deixa-o-Resto  Yearly market: 15 October

Ermidas do Sado 
Yearly market: 1st Sunday of April and the last Sunday of September.Monthly market: 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

Fornalhas Velhas (Freguesia de Bicos) Yearly markets: 1 May, 1st Sunday of September

Foros da Casa Nova   Yearly market: 1st Sunday of June

Foros do Locário   Yearly market: 1st Saturday of May

João da Ribeira (Freguesia de São Teotónio). 
Yearly market: 9 October

Lagos - 1st Saturday of the month 

Luzianes-Gare Yearly market: 15 July


2nd friday of each month in Largo de Mercado. 

'Feira da Terra' on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of every month. Buy local produce including fruit, vegetables, honey, sausages, cakes and honey. Local craft stalls.

Odiáxere 4th Monday of the month

Odemira Yearly markets: 24 May, 13 September, 21 December

Yearly markets: 2 February, 2nd Sunday after Carnival, 16 May, 28 September

Pereiras-Gare  Yearly market: 1 August

Porto Covo   Yearly market: 29 August

Relíquias Yearly market: 2nd Sunday of August

Sabóia  FACES: August. Yearly markets: 15 August and 1st Sunday of October

Sagres Monthly market. First friday of the month. 9.00am to 2.00pm.

Santana da Serra  Yearly market: 2nd Saturday of July. Monthly market: 12th day of every month

Santa Clara-a-Velha  Monthly market: third Saturday of each month. Yearly markets: 1st Sunday of July and 1st Sunday of September

Santiago do Cacém 
SANTIAGRO – agricultural exposition: last weekend of May.Feira do Monte: 1st weekend of September. Monthly market: 2nd Monday of the month

São Bartolomeu da Serra 
Yearly Market: August (every second year)

São Domingos   
Yearly market: last Sunday of May and second-last Sunday of August.Monthly market: 1st Friday of each month

São Luís Yearly markets: 10 June and 4 September

São Marcos da Serra  Yearly markets:  24 April, 28 June, 15 September, 11 December. Monthly market. First saturday of the onth. 9.00am to 2.00pm.

São Martinho das Amoreiras Yearly market: 25 September. Monthly market: 2nd Thursday of each month

São Miguel Yearly market: 29 September

São Pedro  Yearly market: 1 November

São Teotónio Faceco: second-last weekend of July. Yearly market: 18 September. Monthly market: 1st Monday of each month - except for August

Monthly market: 1st Thursday of each month

Yearly market: 2nd Sunday of June and 4th Sunday of September. Monthly market: 3rd Sunday of each month

Vale das Éguas 
Yearly market: 2nd Sunday of September

Vale de Água 
Yearly market: 1st Sunday of July. Monthly market: the 22nd of each month

Vale de Santiago Yearly market: last Saturday of August

Vale Ferro (Freguesia de Relíquias) yearly market: 9 October

Vila Nova de Santo André 

Monthly market: 2nd Wednesday of each month

Vila Nova de Milfontes Yearly market: 1 May

Vila do Bispo Monthly market. First thursday of the month. 8.00am to 1.00pm. Farmers' markets every friday and saturday.

Viradouro Yearly market: 1 May

Zambujeira do Mar Yearly market: 29 August