Sometimes all you need is to unwind and relax. The Wild Southwest is a great place to get away from the stress of day-to-day life. Here you will find pure clean air, beautiful nature and utter peace and tranquillity where all you can hear above the sound of silence are the cicadas and the birds.

Located near the Alentejo coast and surrounded by a beautiful scenery, Herdade da Matinha has a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Enjoy picnics, yoga and surf classes, cooking lessons and magnificent horse riding. All meals are made with love, dedication and carefully prepared with local ingredients.

  It's a perfect spot for contemplation and tranquility. Close your eyes by the sea or relax in our hammocks. In summer choose between the pool or the beach, in winter the long conversations, the special dinners with friends and the cosy atmosphere around the fireplace are what makes this a very special place.

Spiral Arc


Spiral Arc is run from a communal riverside house in a beautiful village in southern Portugal where guests are welcome to stay and share in the vision of day to day life undertaken in a spiritually artistic and fun fashion!

Our philosophy is to consume less and create more!

By embodying all that we do with higher spiritual aspirations we aim to make every day living into a more joyful, contemplative and aware experience

We have no set daily or weekly program as we are living ‘in the river of time’ not trying to control that river. The daily needs of the household, gardens and people are ever changing and we just engage our ability to respond to the day. 

Massage and Aqua fitness